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The A-ONE was founded in 1995 and today is among the leading companies in the field of tourism and seasonal items, and Optical Goods, supporting more than 1800 shops and companies in Greece and foreign markets.

It features summer and winter shoes, clothing – accessories. A wide variety of eyewear and accessories covering the overall requirements of businesses, regardless of size. The creative potential of A-ONE travels to international FASHION CENTERS, updated for fashion trends worldwide and selects for you high quality products, unique designs at the best prices. An incredibly wide variety which ever-renewed.
In collection of A-one summer alternated with winter always maintaining a cheerful mood with bright colors

So "Visit" the space of colors, careful quality and absolute prices ​​and you will find that: EVERY CITY HAS A HEART and Athens has its own heart that beats at the center of: 1) 6-10 Agiou Markou and 2) 63 Athena, Athens, 105 52.
Exactly where you will find the A-ONE will find out why it is proud except its collection, for the sales force that is very organized and the perfect coordination of the deliveries to customers and the perfect service that its staff offer .